What a Good Website Designer and a Web Developer Should Know About Web Design

So, what it is absolutely that distinguishes a acceptable website from a ailing advised web site? The affair is as broadly arguable as Windows over Linux is but it all boils down to the two important keywords: development and design! A acceptable web artisan alms web website architecture casework accept to apperceive the aberration amid the two words.

Web development in itself is a ample appellation for any activities accompanying to website, web application, web solution, e-commerce development, web agreeable development, client-side / server-side coding, web solutions and web database system. Web development usually refers alone to the abstruse aspects of architecture a website.

Web architecture on the added duke is perceived as the aesthetic ancillary of creating a website that involves the beheld styles, blueprint coherence, blush affair considerations and all added factors that has something to do with the accepted actualization of the site, vis-à-vis its functions.

Therefore, we may achieve that web development equates to a programmer's argumentation adroitness while website architecture is a artefact of an artist's artistic and artistic ideas. If this is accurate which I'm abiding a lot of website architecture firms and alone web designers in the Philippines would accede that a acceptable website accept to be a aggregate of agenda mural and able-bodied planned programming logic. The bind about is that majority of web designers avalanche abbreviate of these two important aspects. Worst, a lot of website developers do not accomplished these qualifications. I don't accept annihilation adjoin accomplished and active alone with ability on web architecture and development but there is added than artlessly alive the basal of html and angel alteration to appear up with a bartering brand website. We accept to put in apperception that a website is our business or claimed character online. It is the sum absolute of our getting and our business that is attainable to audience and -to-be clients. It agency accordingly that a website is our foreground band to the advice age and that should be able-bodied planned and advised in adjustment for it to serve its purpose.

There are about aggressive alms on "create your own website in minutes" appliance and added template-based website. I'm baffled by these account artlessly because it anon contradicts to what I accept just discussed above. Choosing to broadcast a website from a arrangement equates to affairs a white agenda box in the administration abundance and backyard it with your product's name, no branding, no angel building, no identity! It's like the accepted "Special Patis (Fish Sauce) characterization you see all over the wet market. All of them affirmation to be adapted but the sad accuracy is that non of them are.

As I accept mentioned already, there are two important keywords in the subject, they are Website development and Web website design. Development is of advance beeline advanced and can be abstruse in school. However, architecture is a rather altered area in the battlefield of web design. As the chat architecture implies, it has something to do with artistic account anxiously alloyed by an artisan - a abounding fledge artisan who is there to adduce the acceptation of symbols, colors, sizes and accession of every aspect in a website. It is acrid admitting that a lot of web architecture firms out there offers arrangement based website that are accessible in abounding arrangement stores, affliction abounding of them are accessible for free. So to say, if you accept your celebrated business website fabricated from templates, affairs are that you accept a accompanying website about in the internet with alone its birthmark and hair altered from castigation - the logo and argument content, but they are beheld replica of anniversary other.

So if you happened to be account this in seek of a acceptable website architecture firm, analysis out if the close has a certified clear artisan and not just a programmer who apprehend a blast advance in angel alteration alms templates and who promised to actualize your website in minutes. Web website architecture and development involves accurate planning, accommodating of architecture ideas, and putting calm adapted capacity to abduction the visitor's absorption and to appropriately reflect your business' angel or able reputation..

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Five Rules For Professional Web Design

Design Elements

When creating a able web design, the absolute beheld architecture of the website is actual important. There are 4 primary pieces of the website that accept to be included on about every design; header, menu, agreeable breadth and footer. The attack is usually at the top of the website and this serves as array of an addition to the website. It usually has a mix of a graphical and textual description of what your website is about. This is usually breadth you would accept the aggregation logo so the user knows what website they are on as anon as they get there.

The card is apparently the a lot of important allotment of a website additional to the agreeable area. The card is the aeronautics that the user will chase to get to assertive pages of your website. Menu's can be displayed in abounding altered means (horizontally at the top, angular on the appropriate or larboard side, or abstractly about abnormal on the website) but it is actual important that the card is actual arresting and stands out appropriate abroad to the user.

The agreeable breadth is absolutely the a lot of important allotment of your website because this is breadth all of your advice is. The accomplished purpose to a website is to advance whatever agreeable is in the agreeable area; whether it be argument and information, or photos, videos, artwork, or a admixture of any of them. You wish to accomplish abiding your agreeable is simple to read/see and you don't wish added areas of your website to boss the agreeable breadth because this is the focus of your site.

The footer is appealing abundant consistently on the basal of the website (hints the name "footer") and this is usually breadth you accept your closing advice such as copyrights, architecture credits, and a lot of importantly, your text-based navigation. The purpose of a text-based aeronautics is to actualize admission to all of your primary pages through argument links just in case your capital aeronautics does not affectation appropriately for any acumen (i.e. beam aeronautics or graphical navigation). Text-based aeronautics is aswell abundant for seek engine enhancement because it provides paths for the seek engine spiders to chase already they get to the end of your web page.

Load Time

One affair to absolutely accumulate in apperception if designing a website is how continued your website is traveling to yield to load. A lot of internet users today accept top acceleration internet access that can amount a lot of pages appealing bound but there are still some humans that accept 56k modems which yield a appealing continued time to amount anything. If designing a new website it is a acceptable abstraction to adjudge what affectionate of bazaar you are creating your website for and actuate who your ambition admirers is so you can get an abstraction of what affectionate of things you can and cannot do. Top resolution cartoon and beam action are two of the better architecture elements that yield up a lot of space. A accurate able web architecture will use these items sparingly and alone if they absolutely accord to the agreeable on the website.

SEO Compatibility

If you wish your website to be arresting to the seek engines again it is a acceptable abstraction to accomplish abiding that your website is advised with SEO in mind. A lot of internet marketers about-face to things like hotlink architecture and commodity autograph to optimize websites; these are important to SEO but it is aswell actual important to accomplish abiding the architecture and coding of your website is SEO accordant to get the a lot of out of your enhancement efforts. A brace things to accede if designing a new website is to name your images appropriately with your keywords (for archetype if one of your keywords is "dentist" again you can name an angel "dentist_header.jpg"). This lets the seek engine apperceive that your website has added aspects advertence it with keywords added than just your content. You aswell wish to accumulate your cipher as apple-pie as accessible so it is simple for the spiders to clamber through it. You can use div tags instead of tables and put your javascripts and CSS elements in altered files that are alleged by a individual band of code. This brings me to my next point of website organization.


As a web designer, it is acceptable convenance to accumulate your website as organized as possible. This is accurate for a brace of reasons; SEO compatibility, keeps it simple to go aback and accomplish changes, makes it simple for anyone abroad alive on the website to see what is traveling on, etc. You can accumulate all of your images in one folder, javascripts in addition folder, CSS files in a folder, beam in a binder and so on and so on. You can aswell leave comments that are in the cipher but do not appearance up on the website itself; this is acceptable to do if you accept a lot of cipher or if you accept any abnormal cipher that may not be apparent after a baby animadversion to say what it is for. Acceptable alignment keeps your website searching like a absolute able web design.

Browser Compatibility

One of the endure things to accede in a able web architecture is the affinity of your website beyond altered internet browsers. A lot of accepted internet users use Firefox or Internet Explorer but you aswell accept to accede that there are altered versions of IE that humans use (5.5, 6.0, 7.0), Mac users use Opera and Safari, and there are a few added assorted browsers. A lot of of these browsers appearance and apprehend html and CSS abnormally than the added so if you are coding your website it is a acceptable abstraction to analysis your website on a few altered browsers to accomplish abiding that your website displays accurately to any user that goes to it.

1. Attending at the detail of the web architecture company's own website. This is about consistently a acceptable adumbration of the akin of detail your new website will have. See if you can acquisition any areas that accept added akin of detail, such as images with added effects. This could be angled corners, acclivity effects, colour crumbling etc. No amount if you do not wish those architecture elements on your own website, it gives you advice about the designers and their eye for detail and quality.

2. Apperceive what you want. Even if you don't apperceive the abstruse aspects or agreement of web design, you should accept a adequately acceptable abstraction of what you wish the end aftereffect to attending like. If you leave basic locations of your website architecture and functionality to the web designer, you are acceptable to pay added than you accept to. If you don't apperceive what affectionate of appearance you could ask for, attending about online at some beyond websites. If you are affairs products, you could try and attending at ebay.com or amazon.com for some architecture ideas. If it works for them, it a lot of acceptable will plan for you.

3. Ask if a abundant adduce is available. Just as with added areas of business area you accept little or no abstraction how things are done or how continued they take, it is important to get a breakdown of casework that you are paying for. Are they alone giving you a absolute amount for the web casework you accept been discussing over the buzz or email? If so, they are not giving you advice that you can use to analyze added web architecture companies with. You should ask what their alternate amount is which can advice you amount out from the absolute amount how continued it is traveling to yield to architecture the website!

4. What akin of abutment is accessible during and afterwards architecture your website? It is actual important to apperceive how abounding changes you can accomplish to your website while it is getting congenital that are not traveling to amount you extra. Is the web architecture aggregation giving you an advantage to appearance plan in progress? How about if you change your apperception on a architecture aspect afterwards the website has been designed? These things charge to be allotment of your arrangement afore you accede to accept plan done. You don't wish a abruptness balance for "additional requested web architecture work" to acreage in your inbox. Consistently be bright on what is traveling to be answerable for and what is allotment of the web architecture package.

5. What do added audience anticipate about the web designer? If you wish to get an honest and aloof assessment about this, there is no bigger way than traveling beeline to the source! Acquisition a antecedent client's acquaintance advice and forward a quick email allurement if it is accessible to accept them allotment some of this advice with you.

6. Will your website be seek engine friendly? Becoming allotment of above seek engines such as Google and Yahoo is the assured next footfall afterwards accepted web architecture plan has been completed. If you accept a cast new website abounding with advice about casework and online writing you offer, you wish humans to acquisition it! Seek engine optimization, or SEO as it is usually called, is an art anatomy that takes years to master. It is a connected claiming for the web artist to accumulate up with ever-changing rules that the seek engine companies accomplish for who is added "important" in the seek engine rankings.

You should not apprehend to get this account for chargeless if it is done appropriately by a abreast person, back it can potentially yield added hours to complete than your absolute website, and it is an advancing process. You should be able to achieve for a akin of seek engine enhancement that apparel your account and still gives you an added akin of afterimage online. Consistently ask how the seek engine action will be agitated out back anyone can say they are "optimizing" your website and all they do is abacus keyword phrases in a few places.

The a lot of important affair to bethink about seek engine enhancement is that it accept to be accurate by able analysis into your specific business niche. If your web artist does not acquisition out absolutely what humans are analytic for if aggravating to acquisition your blazon of business, you are just paying for assumption and are crumbling your money.

7. How will you be billed? You wish to apperceive how plan is getting billed, both for web architecture plan that is allotment of your arrangement and for added casework or added hours of work. It is accepted that a allotment of the absolute arrangement is answerable up foreground afore web architecture casework accept started. It is not recommended after a accurate acumen to pay added than 50% up front, which is a fair akin for both parties. It can be agreed on that added hours of plan are added to the final payment, or invoiced immediately. As continued as you feel that your needs and requirements are getting satisfied, either way is accepted procedure.

8. How abundant ascendancy will you accept over content? It is still actual accepted today that all added plan that you wish done on the website will be agitated out by your web designer. If you wish to be able to amend agreeable on a approved basis, attending for web designers that acquiesce you to log in and amend advice on your own. This requires your website to be dynamic, application elements of programming cipher that can abstracted you from your visitors.

The best blazon of website for this purpose is a CMS-based website. CMS stands for Agreeable Administration Arrangement and is a absolutely altered appearance of web architecture than a accepted changeless website that alone displays the aforementioned advice every day. If your web artist uses a CMS to architecture your website, you will be able to accept website visitors accord comments or address online writing anon on your website such as in a blog, or accord altered humans altered akin of admission to agreeable on your website.

This is the administration the Internet is affective today, with alleged "Web 2.0" websites such as YouTube and Facebook bustling up everywhere area users can add their own cine clips, images and added information. Of course, your website does not accept to accept these appearance to use a CMS, but a agreeable administration arrangement allows your website to abound and aggrandize calmly for approaching needs. It is important you try and amount out how you may wish to use your website in a few years from now and if you charge a CMS or not. This blazon of architecture usually comes at a college antecedent cost, but will accomplish all changes and added plan on your web website a breeze after on.

9. How is advice amid you and the web designer? How fast do you get responses to your emails? Are the responses continued or abbreviate and do they assume to get beneath for anniversary catechism you asked? You wish to accomplish abiding that you can ask "dumb" questions and still accept the accomplished akin of professionalism from the web designer. Is the getting you are talking to the aforementioned getting that will do plan on your website? You wish to accept absolute acquaintance with the web designer(s) that are traveling to plan on your website, to abstain miscommunication and "lost-in-translation" scenarios. If you alarm the web architecture company, try and get a feel for if they are committed to your achievement by alert to what you accept to say, or if they are consistently accomplishing sales pitches to try and argue you to pay for added services.

10. Ask for a resume. A able web artist should be accommodating to accord you a resume of his or her antecedent plan and background. Knowing the accomplishments of the getting or aggregation that you are traveling to plan with (usually over a aeon of several weeks) gives you a bigger compassionate if you accept begin a web artist with abilities that will clothing your needs. What you wish to be searching for is anyone who absolutely enjoys his or her band of plan and has committed his able activity to this field. If a getting enjoys accomplishing what he/she is doing, it shows in the detail and superior of the plan produced - and eventually in your new website!